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All of our products are individually hand-made to our exacting standards. Just like our customers, no two are exactly alike.
We can also custom-make products to your specific requirements, so if you've got an idea contact us and we'll see you right!
Shipping also priced on application depending on your location.

Cape Cod Chair

This is one of the most comfortable chairs ever designed and will never go out of style. You can dress it up or leave it to create it’s own rustic look.

Cape Cod Footstool

This little number is a multi-functioning piece that can be used in a number of ways to accompany your Cape Cod or Rocking chair as a side table or fold the legs and create a footstool for added comfort.

Cape Cod Combo

Buy the Cape Cod and Footstool/Table combo, relax in style and save some money.

Cape Cod Rocker

This fabulous piece is designed not to tip backwards, in fact it rocks easily forward to allow easier access and exit from the sitting position. This product has been purchased for rehabilitation for many people recovering from surgery to suffering from ADHD and Autism.

Bar Leaner

Solid, yet stylish - this bar leaner and stool package makes the ideal addition to any outdoor entertaining area.

Three Seater

Exceptionally comfortable. People are drawn to this seat as it looks great as part of any outdoor setting or under a tree. Put in place to enjoy the view, or add a coffee table and a couple of Cape Cod chairs and you have an enviable outdoor set.

Coffee Table

Great design, solid and strong this will look fabulous with any setting and compliments any of the Uppercut range.

Cape Cod Kid's/Pet's Chair

Sick of the kids or dog stealing your seat? Why should they miss out on sitting in luxury? Get them one of their very own! This is an identical, smaller version of the adult Cape Cod chair so would look fabulous as part of your outdoor arrangement.

Laundry/Clothes Line Table

This was born out of necessity. Forget bending down all the time to pick clothes out of your basket. This table speeds up the process and saves your back. Excellent if the ground under your clothesline is constantly wet or dirty. Has been sold to the elderly and those recovering from surgery. This is light weight, and will be tailor-made to the correct size and height to fit you or the person you may be buying for.

Jack and Jill

Two Cape Cod chairs separated by a table, what could be better? No arguing over a chair and a great place to sit and chat. Add a couple of footstools to it and you have a setting that makes it almost impossible to get back to the chores of the day.